Welcome to the pages of the Association of the Friends of the Czechoslovakian Fortification. These are the first pages in foreign language which are dedicated to the Czechoslovakian system of fortifications, in particular to the Museum of Czechoslovakian fortifications – the artillery fortification BOUDA (Baudenkoppe) and the Fortification museum – the artillery fortification HŮRKA (Berghöhe). These two museum objects administered by our association are the two biggest fortification constructions from the thirties of the 20th century, which are open to the public in the Czech Republic. They belong to the project “Grulich Fortification Area”, in the frame of which these unique military-technical and historical monuments are taken care of so that they shall remain. The visit of these fortification objects is worthwhile especially for militarily and historically interested visitors. All places of interest and all relevant rooms in these two fortifications are explained with short but qualified and exact descriptions in five languages (CZ, D, F, GB, PL). We are looking forward to welcoming you!

The pages in foreign language are made possible by the monetary support of the Pardubice district.
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