Museum of the Czechoslovakian fortification – Artillery fortification BOUDA

is a cultural monument of the Czech Republic and an integrated part of the extended system of fortifications built to defend the former Czechoslovakia during the second half of the 30s. It consists of five mighty bastions (three infantry blocks, one artillery block and the entrance block), which were built to the strongest level of construction. Deep inside the mountain, the blocks are connected by an extended systems of tunnels and caverns, which contained everything the garrison of 316 carefully selected and specially trained soldiers of the border guard needed to accomplish their combat task. Visitors entering this fortification museum can see long underground galleries, barracks, ammo dumps, narrow-gauge railway, power station, infantry blocks, emergency exits, shaft for the retractable gun turret etc. During WW II the German army tested various weapon system, explosive charges and several elements of fortification engineering there. By the German occupation, structural changes after the war, and the dismantling activities of a scrap enterprise in the 50s, the fortification Bouda became strongly devastated. In spite of that, it represents one of the best of five structurally completed artillery fortifications on Czech territory, which has been renovated and made open for the public.

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